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Please help wikepage's i18n development. Download outlink latest English language pack, translate, zip again and send to (takes max. 30 minutes)

Language files

LanguageFor LatestURL
Arabic Language File Opus 13 Download from sourceforge outlink
Brazilian Portuguese Language File Opus 12 Download from sourceforge outlink
Czech Language File Opus 10 Download from sourceforge outlink
Dansk Sprog Fil. Opus 9 Dataoverfore af sourceforge outlink
Deutsche Sprachendatei Opus 13 Downloaden von sourceforge outlink
Dutch Language File Opus 12 Downloaden from sourceforge outlink
English Language File Opus 13 Download from sourceforge outlink
Spanish Language File Opus 13 Download from sourceforge outlink
Indonesian Language File Opus 13 Download from sourceforge outlink
Italian Language File Opus 13 Download from sourceforge outlink
Plik ze spolszczeniem Opus 10 Pobierz z Sourceforge outlink
Thai Language File Opus 13 Download from sourceforge outlink
Turkce Dil Dosyasi Opus 13 Sourceforgedan indir outlink


Indonesian Translation

Mon, 17 Sep 2007 - 1:26:48 CEST  [Edit ]

Thanks to Mr. Wuri Nugrahadi for translation in Bahasa Indonesian. This translation can also be used for Malay language.

Thai translation

Sun, 03 Jun 2007 - 13:57:26 CEST  [Edit ]

Our 11th translation came from Thailand. Thanks to Asst. Prof. Prachid Tinnabutr for his great efforts.

Italian translation

Fri, 25 May 2007 - 11:12:51 CEST  [Edit ]

Thanks to Mr. Giancomo Margarito for the Italian translation of Wikepage 2007.2 Opus 13. Now wikepage is in ten languages.

Wikepage 2007.2 Opus 13 Landauer-B├╝ttiker is released!

Fri, 18 May 2007 - 17:02:32 CEST  [Edit ]

Nearly 4 months passed over since the Opus 12 was released. After Opus 12, wikepage is changed a lot. Thanks will go to Mr. Tim Davis. As you remember he is the owner of outlink. You can find many modules at that site written for wikepage. Ok.. In opus 13, he optimized the code, and add new features. There are other minor changes by me and others listed below:

  • Major optimization of code all over the script, wikepage is nearly 2kb shrinked with this optimization. thanks Mr. Tim Davis
  • < blog_archive > command is added for list view of blog entries, thanks Mr. Tim Davis
  • Images for blog entry titles, thanks Mr. Tim Davis
  • From now, RSS imports won't die under error, thanks Mr. Jose Carlos Medeiros
  • Small corrections that make Wikepage more Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional are done, thanks Igor Rjabinin
  • Google Edit pages problem is solved,
  • In Admin page, new version warning and RSS import warning features are added.

You can download Opus 13, from here outlink .

Arabic language

Tue, 10 Apr 2007 - 10:46:16 CEST  [Edit ]

Wikepage is now in Arabic. We got recently the arabic translation for Opus 12. Thanks a lot to Mr. Salam Aljehni from the Syrian Arab Repuclic for translation and support.

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