You can help wikepage's development mainly in four area:

  • Active development,
  • Documentation,
  • Testing,
  • Internationalization,

Active development

Wikepage is a small (~1000 lines) program. It can still has bugs or work to do. You can make new themes, add a new property, write a mod or add a new filter. Wikepage development is simple and fun. There is only one rule. We call it "prime directive"

index.php and zipped version of wikepage
can not exceed a file size of 38911 bytes.

You can sign up at sourceforge outlink to become a developer of wikepage.


Wikepage still has not got a documentation. We only have a year old online tutorial. You can help to create a documentation.


If you like wikepage, and if you use it for your projects, you can make us know your problems, dead-ends, ...etc... You can use our forum outlink or mail to

Internationalization (i18n)

Wikepage is now available at 13 languages: Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Danish, German, Dutch, English, Spanish, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Thai, Turkish. If you want to contribute wikepage, you can translate it to your language.

You can download latest english language file from here outlink.

All translation issues can be tracked from i18n_files page.

Translation procedure

  • Download latest english outlink file, which is in i18n folder.
  • Extract zip file to a folder.
  • Change all english parts like doc, and variable's values in lang folder in to your language.
  • Zip the folder again
  • Send to


Wikepage is named with a codename in each major release. These codenames are phenomenas or important experiments for the physics, which are honoured with their founders names.

Main Epitaxial Growth Mechanisms

December 19, 2004Opus 12005.1Stranski-Krastanov
January 17, 2005Opus 22005.2Volmer-Weber
June 3, 2005Opus 32005.3Frank-van der Merwe
June 12, 2005Opus 42005.3aFrank-van der Merwe

Statistical Distributions

September 11, 2005Opus 52005.4Bose-Einstein
January 4, 2006Opus 62006.1Fermi-Dirac
January 10, 2006Opus 72006.1aFermi-Dirac
February 1, 2006Opus 82006.1bFermi-Dirac
April 25, 2006Opus 92006.2Maxwell-Boltzmann
July 10, 2006Opus 102006.2aMaxwell-Boltzmann

Quantum Transport related effects and formalism

October 27, 2006Opus 112006.3Shubnikov-de Hass
February 12, 2007Opus 122007.1Aharonov-Bohm
May 18, 2007Opus 132007.2Landauer-B├╝ttiker

Astronomy Related

Not Released YetOpus z200x.yHertzsprung-Russel
Not Released YetOpus z200x.yTitius-Bode

Important 20. Century Experiments

Not Released YetOpus z200x.yMichelson-Morley
Not Released YetOpus z200x.yStern-Gerlach


Opus 14 2008.1 Oct 14, 2008: Features and fixes added:

  • Flash files are now supported,
  • YouTube video support,
  • Simple Banner feature is removed,
  • New 2008.1 theme.
  • Solved wrong fclose call. SF BUG: 1703523
  • Created default option to $type param on filter function. SF BUG: 1703529.
  • Solved XSS-Cross-Site Scripting bug. SF BUG: 1938445
  • Opus 13 2007.2 May 18, 2007: Features and fixes added:

  • Major optimization of code all over the script, wikepage is nearly 2kb shrinked with this optimization. thanks Mr. Tim Davis
  • < blog_archive > command is added for list view of blog entries, thanks Mr. Tim Davis
  • Images for blog entry titles, thanks Mr. Tim Davis
  • From now, RSS imports won't die under error, thanks Mr. Jose Carlos Medeiros
  • Small corrections that make Wikepage more Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional are done, thanks Igor Rjabinin
  • Google Edit pages problem is solved,
  • In Admin page, new version warning and RSS import warning features are added.
  • Opus 12 2007.1 February 12, 2007: Features and fixes added:

  • Heading problem in IE browsers is fixed,
  • RSS import feature is added (One feed per page for now).
  • Opus 11 2006.3 October 27, 2006: Features and fixes added:

  • Upload problem is solved, (1)
  • Blog time bug is solved, (2)
  • Table of Content of pages, (2)
  • Boxed image support, (2)
  • New timing schema, (3)
  • Many improvements on Filtering function, (2-4)
  • Fixes in English, (5)
  • More friendly code,
  • Email bug is fixed. (6)

Thanks to:
(1) Rudi Perkins, (2) Jib, (3) Adam Piatyszek, (4) Tomasz Milewski, (5) Matthew Stack, (6) Yildirim Karslioglu.

Opus 10 2006.2a July 10, 2006: Features and fixes added:

  • Missing translations and variables fixed. thanks Mr. Tomasz Milewski
  • Blog entry page is corrected.
  • Nearly 30 fixes in index.html and in filter function are done for a better XHTML validation. thanks Mr. Tomasz Milewski
  • New variable system.
  • New template system. thanks Mr. Tim Davis
  • Improved links, static page link with an explanation is now possible.
  • More detailed wiki_style page which includes new systems, and new link types.
  • Date problem of blog is solved.
  • Opus 9 2006.2 April 25, 2006: Features added:

  • i18n errors fixed in theme files, new variables included in lang file. thanks Mr. Daniel Schmidt
  • An upload problem is fixed. thanks Mr. Martin Mazur
  • Recent changes RSS output.
  • Blog with a wiki typo.
  • Blog RSS output.
  • Filter problems fixed. thanks Mr. Daniel Schmidt
  • 2006.1 theme is improved.
  • .inc file creation problem fixed.
  • Opus 8 2006.1b February 1, 2006: Features added:

  • A little url filtering issue solved which affect from 2006.1.
  • Other little fixes like file upload size fix, edit box fix.
  • Opus 7 2006.1a January 10, 2006: Fixes added:

  • An issue which results wrong execution of wikepage in PHP5 systems is solved
  • Opus 6 2006.1 January 4, 2006: Features added:

  • Upload system,
  • Delete file/page and support,
  • Edit confirmation page,
  • Page creation D.O.S. bug closed,
  • Small corrections in code and file system.
  • Opus 5 2005.4 September 11, 2005: Features added:

  • Spammer enemy: Nofollow outlinks,
  • New theme,
  • Optimized code,
  • Code comments are english now,
  • Redesigned folder structure,
  • Single file i18n support,
  • Theme support,
  • From now on, outlinks are signed with ,
  • Opus 4 2005.3a June 12, 2005: Fix added:

  • A security which effect all wikepage versions, is fixed.
  • Opus 3 2005.3 June 3, 2005: Features added:

  • Corrected css style for Firefox and Opera,
  • Smaller code and smaller zip with new features,
  • Simple Banner support,
  • Linked pictures support,
  • Opus 2 2005.2 January 17, 2005: Features added:

  • Improved css style,
  • Wiki-editable left side menu,
  • Multilanguage site support,
  • wikepage visuals for your site: , ,
  • Opus 1 2005.1 December 19, 2004 : Features added to Tipiwiki2

  • New css style,
  • Table support,
  • '_' type Wiki word support,
  • 2 important security flaw closed,
  • I18n support
  • Administration Area,
  • Password protected pages,
  • Coloring feature.