Wiki is a kind of knowledge sharing formation. Wikepage is a wiki-standart, easy to use and small wiki software derived from Tipiwiki2 outlink Wikepage has some security features that Tipiwiki does not have, like password protected structure, and 4 patched important security flaw, table support, upload support, multilanguage and multisite support...etc...

Wikepage has two modes:

  • Wiki Mode: Pages can change without entering password.
  • Personal Mode: Pages can change only with entering password.
  • Installation:

  • Open index.php file with notepad-like pogram and change the site information, language and other options for your site.
  • Put all files in your hosting directory with using a FTP client.
  • Make Chmod 777, (at least 755 but sometimes it doesn't works) the files in data and the files in the subfolders of data folder.
  • Be sure that your PHP don't work in safe_mode. In safe_mode wikepage can't make pages.
  • If you want to add new language to your site, download language file from here outlink and then extract it to base folder of wikepage. Then you can change default language variable in index.php's source code.
  • Visit your site. Go to "Administration area" with using "Admin" link and change your password.
  • Your site is working now in Wiki mode!
  • You can change mode in Administration area with entering your password.
  • In wiki mode you must enter password "everytime" to change a page.

You can found more documentation in your installed site.


Wikepage is a open software licenced with GNU/GPL. For more information: outlink

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In Addition

  • If you chmod the folders true, wikepage 90% works.
  • File create, upload and delete support may not be work with safe_mode=on


Give a hand to wikepage. Click to donate 2USD outlink, 5USD outlink, 10USD outlink. All donors'll be listed in site and all donations'll be used in wikepage oriented projects.