Opus 9, An Experiment: Blog.

So i can finish opus 9. It's pack of new features and bugfixes like:

  • i18n errors fixed in theme files, new variables included in lang file. thanks Mr. Daniel Schmidt
  • An upload problem is fixed. thanks Mr. Martin Mazur
  • Recent changes RSS output.
  • Blog with a wiki typo.
  • Blog RSS output.
  • Filter problems fixed. thanks Mr. Daniel Schmidt
  • 2006.1 theme is improved.
  • .inc file creation problem fixed.

Yes, wikepage is now a 34Kb of wiki - blog hybrid. It's not yet mature, but i think it's quite fun having a wiki and blog site with rss output and without a need of database in 34Kb. I have still 4407 bytes free! Opus 10 will be a optimization - bugfix edition. So i need your feedbacks. Please send any feedback, thoughts or anything to Thanks everybody!