Opus 12, 2007.1 released! ... Modules? what is that?

Ok..I accept. Late releases are traditional. But I know you like Opus 12. I already make a site with Opus 12, take a look: outlink. New features/fixes of 2007.1 (codename: Aharonov - Bohm) are:

  • Heading problem in IE browsers is fixed,
  • RSS import feature is added (One feed per page for now).

And, I want to introduce something new from Tim Davis:

I have written and tested a small app to modify Wikepages' index.php file based on a set of instructions you give it. The command line app is working and I'm currently writing a Windows based app to preform the same task. Once that is complete I'm going to recompile the command line app with Mono so it will be cross platform (Windows/OS X/Linux), and then I'll put the files up for testing.

It is so simple and effective. Module is a kind of function addition to system which has a simple text commands like FIND, ADD, REPLACE. Modules modify the main index.php, so it makes your own wikepage. You can share your modules with the community or find new ones for your own project. Please visit the homepage of the Wikepage Modder at outlink for more information. Thanks Tim.

And I add up some information to Development page. Simply, Wikepage needs your help. Wikepage needs new developers, new theme writers, document writers ...etc... If you want to be a developer, then write an email to Sefer Bora Lisesivdin ( and introduce yourself. Our development will have only one rule. We will call it "prime directive": index.php and zipped version of wikepage can not exceed a file size of 38911 bytes.

Thanks, Enjoy.